Forget what you think you know about cover bands. This band rocks like no other.

One of the hottest acts on the cover scene, The Counterfeiters are the best “80’s/90’s/Etc” party-rock band you will see.  Period!

Relying solely on their stellar vocals, incredible live performance, and top notch musicianship, The Counterfeiters will make you think you’re listening to the actual record!

Whether it’s a spot-on version of a Springsteen classic, a rocking medley combining the anthems of The Ramones with Billy Idol, or packing the dance floor with hit after hit from the likes of Prince, The Stray Cats, Erasure, The Knack and The B-52’s, The Counterfeiters leave every room they play to in disbelief and screaming for more, each and every time. 

Be it playing to a standing-room-only crowd of revelers at a Hampton’s hotspot, or providing the best wedding/corporate entertainment you’ve ever seen, one thing’s for sure – as stated above – this band rocks! But, don’t believe the hype, come see for yourself!

References from past performances available on request.

Please remember to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle, and do not try this at home.

The Counterfeiters are:

David Fagin – Vocals/Guitar

Carmine Vacca – Drums

Dan Truica – Keyboards/Vocals

John Desena – Guitar/Vocals

Carmine Ferraro – Bass

J.J. Hummel – Sax